Welcome to PyBpod’s documentation!


All examples and Bpod’s state machine and communication logic were based on the original version made available by Josh Sanders (Sanworks).

What is PyBpod?


PyBpod is a GUI application that enables interaction with the latest Bpod devices version.

This project is maintained by a team of SW developers at the Champalimaud Foundation. Please find more information on section Project Info.

What is Bpod?


Bpod is a system from Sanworks for precise measurement of small animal behavior. It is a family of open source hardware devices which includes also software and firmware to control these devices. The software was originally developed in Matlab providing retro-compatibility with the BControl system.

Why a Python port?

Python is one of the most popular programming languages today [1]. This is special true for the science research community because it is an open language, easy to learn, with a strong support community and with a lot of libraries available.


If you have any questions or want to report a problem with this library please fill in an issue here.