v1.7.8 (2019/06/03)

  • Fixed a problem with the setup requirements

v1.7.7 (2019/06/03)

  • Fixed a problem with pybpod-gui-plugin-waveplayer.

v1.7.6 (2019/06/03)

  • Requirements for PyBpod now point to specific package versions to ease upgrades

  • pybpod-api (updated to v1.6.4)
    • Fixed problem with bad indexing when accessing modules in _bpodcom_module_write

  • pybpod-gui-plugin-waveplayer (v1.0)
    • Corrected version number in the package and PyPi

v1.7.5 (2019/05/15)

  • pybpod-gui-plugin (updated to v1.6.2)
    • Fixed png that was creating a warning on PyBpod initialization

    • Now it points correctly to the master branch

  • pyforms-gui (updated to v4.901.2)
    • Version update so that PyPI considers a new version and the updates mentioned in v1.7.2 release are applied.

  • pybpod-alyx-module (updated to v1.1.1)
    • Removed unnecessary requests package requirement

  • pybpod-gui-plugin-emulator (v0.1.3)
    • Fixed override messages not being sent properly on Windows

    • Fix for pause not working

  • pybpod-rotaryencoder-module (v0.1.1)
    • Fix for version override which would present always as version 0

  • pybpod-soundcard-module (v0.1.5)
    • Added bumpversion support to this module

v1.7.4 (2019/05/08)

  • The pybpodgui_plugin_session_history is now pointing to the master branch as it should (v1.4.1)

v1.7.3 (2019/05/08)

  • Fixed problem with wrong pybpod-alyx-module version (now it is v1.1)

v1.7.2 (2019/05/03)

  • Python base version changed to v3.6.6

  • Conda environment files are now more coherent between Windows and Linux

  • pybpod-api (updated to v1.6.3)
    • Data from interrupted trials are ignored

    • Added new trigger_input message to manually override inputs and trigger events

    • Fixed manual override of output channels

    • Fixed problem with GlobalTimers that were writing to the wrong indexes

    • Added new ‘message’ options to send serial messages to the modules connected to BPod’s State Machine

  • pybpod-gui-api (updated to v1.2.2)
    • Setups ran through a subject are now ran correctly

    • Added PYBPODGUI_API_AUTO_SAVE_PROJECT_ON_RUN option to user_settings

    • ScriptCmds are now executed as subprocesses

  • pybpod-gui-plugin (updated to v1.6.1)
    • Fixed bug when subject were added to setups when canceling the confirmation dialog

    • Subject window now works properly and with the same options as within the setup (run, pause, detach from GUI option)

    • Fixed path problem in Pre and Post commands on Windows that prevented to run Pre and Post commands properly.

  • pyforms-gui (updated to v4.9.2)
    • Code Editor now is presented properly on Windows

    • Normalized font labels size

  • pybpod-alyx-module (updated to v1.1)
    • Import of Alyx subjects now allows to ignore all existing subject or replace all

    • Subjects that are dead, are now removed automatically from the list

  • New modules and plugins