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Emulator for PyBpod to work with the Bpod’s State Machine ports.

At the moment, the Emulator for PyBpod module works by overriding inputs and outputs on a running task protocol. This will interact directly with a running State Machine in Bpod. As such, any event or state change that would occur naturally from any of those input or output changes, will occur.

  • Free software: MIT license

Current Features

  • Allows to override the Port components (i.e., LED, Poke and Valve)
  • BNC In and Out value override
  • Wire inputs and outputs override for Bpod 0.7
  • Override Serial message for the connected modules (sends a bytes message)
  • Messages are sent while the State Machine is running, triggering the events and/or state changes as if the values were coming from the real inputs/outputs.


Please see Installation page.


To run the all tests run:


Note, to combine the coverage data from all the tox environments run:

set PYTEST_ADDOPTS=--cov-append
PYTEST_ADDOPTS=--cov-append tox