Firmware update

How to update Bpod firmware

  • Download Arduino latest version, extract the zip folder and save the extracted folder somewhere permanent on your PC.

  • Plug the Bpod device into a USB port of the computer.

  • (Windows only) If the drivers are not yet installed (or if you’re not sure), follow Arduino Due’s Windows driver installation page here.

  • Open the Arduino program folder and run Arduino.exe.

  • Install support for Arduino Due (if you haven’t done this already):

    • From the “Tools” menu, choose “Board” and then “Boards Manager”.
    • In the boards manager, install “Arduino SAM boards (32-bits ARM Cortex M3).
    • Restart Arduino
  • From the “Tools” menu, choose “Board” and then “Arduino Due (Programming Port)”.

  • From the “Serial Port” menu, choose “COMX” (win) or “/dev/ttySX” (linux) where X is the port number.To find your port number in Windows, choose “Start” and type “device manager” in the search window. In the device manager, scroll down to “Ports (COM & LPT)” and expand the menu. The COM port will be listed as “Arduino Due Programming Port (COMX)”.

  • From the File menu in Arduino, choose “Open” and select the firmware project. A new window should open with the firmware. [Download the firmware here](

  • In the new window, click the “upload” button (the right-pointing arrow under “edit”).

If all went well, the green progress indicator should finish, and be replaced with a message: “Done uploading”. Below that, in orange text, it should appear the message “Verify successful”.